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A Caring Place

Day Care and Child Care in Lompoc, California

A Caring Place is a great place for children to come to before they attend preschool. I have been providing daycare for over 20 years and have come to realize that toddlers benefit from individually oriented, loving, home based care that is apart from the busyness of older children. The slower pace of A Caring Place helps little ones learn to concentrate, socialize, and feel free to explore the environment. This is a very supportive and stimulating place with play centers like a workbench with tools, music area, a toy kitchen, a truck area and train table set up that include age appropriate toys and equipment to encourage eye- hand co-ordination, walking, and development. I have a slide in my living room!

We do have story time, and singing or music time that are interactive. The children can learn colors, number, and letter concepts along with language. We play simple games together, like tea parties, building with blocks or making a sidewalk out of carpet squares and walking, jumping along it together. The children also gain skills and self-esteem as they play independently with puzzles and a large variety of toys. There is grass and paved areas in the play yard with a sand pile, more slides, and playhouses, cars and bikes to play with. I provide food; most of which is organic and can accommodate vegetarians or lactose intolerant children. They have their own cribs with bedding. I focus on loving each individual child, nurturing the growth of their abilities and talents while teaching social skills.

daycare and child care in lompoc

A Caring Place near Lompoc, CA is a daycare providing superior child care at an affordable rate. We specialize in nurturing the tender and ever growing minds of each child captivating their interests and stimulating their minds. Our program is fantastic for building the educational foundation for a lifelong learner.
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Phone Number  (805) 741-1762
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